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Tip: Raining in California…interesting writing subjects

It never rains in California. Over the past 5-10 years that has become more true than we Californians want to believe. We are in a drought. I’m noticing more and more articles/posts/comments being created that center around how to life with and survive in this condition. In our digital world there doesn’t seem to ever be enough information.

So this is the writers cue to start writing their take on the subject in the news. Doesn’t have to be the drought, but look at what people are talking about… that “what is on their mind” and as yourself if that is your question too.

I consult with authors on a variety of subjects on the publishing road…. is their topic is clear, what the table of contents might list like, what are the things that will make their book more interesting, elements that inspire as well as promotion and were to begin.

Remember, do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, service or company and contact me to help move you faster and effectively. There are several consulting options to choose from. Lets talk!


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Book Design and Writing: How to Research Your Subject Matter…

I know this sounds hard but think about it.
— Ask yourself why you are interested in this subject and where have you found your information to get you feeling this way. Magazines, TV, internet, social groups, book, newspapers, seminars.

— Gather all your notes from any of these Continue reading

Book Design & Writing: Happy New Year! It's Time to Write…

May the new year bring you many new experiences.

What was last year about for you? What was the most exciting experience? Did you write about it? Is it part of your existing book?

Books come from all around us, the places we go, the things we do, the people we know.

Start that book today!

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion.

Karrie Ross
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Self Publishing: A success story for Bunny!

From time-to-time I received emails thanking me and telling me about success stories. Here is one I received recently from Bunny Mitchel in the UK.

From: “bunny mitchell”

Hi Karrie
I just wanted to write to thank you, most sincerely for all the emails you have sent me with advice on self publishing. I have found them so helpful and, working on a tight budget, have really appreciated this free advice.

The best advice you gave me was to do something every day towards my book. I am excited to be having a book launch on 4th August and already have over 60 pre-publication orders.

Thought you might like to see my book cover design that I made with your guidance. I am very proud of it.
Thank you once again
Bunny Mitchell
Thank you Bunny!
Tell us about your book or story. Use the comments section below.
Remember do something everyday toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross

Book Cover Designer

Book Design: Now what was that phrase again…? Finding the lost words.

screenshot ©netspeak.org

I just heard about this site http://www.netspeak.org that finds words that finish phrases for you… all you do is type in the part you remember and a symbol suchs as ?  *  {   }  [  ] and it’s little wheel starts spinning and poof there is a list of completions for you to choose from.

I wonder if they have an app?

I know when I write I don’t always remember the phrases I’d like to use and tell stories about… this will come in handy.

Do you know of any other tools that might add to the writing experience? Let us know in the comments box on the post page.


Book Design & Writing: How to Take Research and Make it into a Book…

Now that you have the outline, table of contents or back cover copy. Start taking notes, cut statements from magizines etc. and put them into which ever organization system you choose to create.

Take advantage of moments of stillness, waiting rooms, restaurants when you are alone, business trips etc to address the subject matter.

Strike up conversations with people and do a Q&A. Ask questions that pertain to your chapter headlines, keep writing down all the questions that come to mind about your subject.

Always be ‘working’ on your book and every note, clipping, recording etc. will end up in your research piles or envelop waiting for the next step.

Book Design & Writing: How to Organize Your Materials…

Sounds simple enough…maybe. When I started writing my books I gathered all the ‘stuff’ I’d been collecting for years and put it in stacks. That didn’t work. So I wrote up an outline and separated the stacks into each of the chapters and created subheads. This worked for a few books, then I got stuck…so someone suggested I dictate because they felt it was easier for me to talk it and once it was transcribed I was able to take it and create the chapters and such.

Another way is to put together a notebook with pocket dividers for each chapter and start filling them up with data that pertains to the chapter. Then you can write any chapter out of sequence and fill in the joining prapgarph after you get them written.

And another way is to create a board with your outline, chapters etc. bullet points and go from one to the next dictating again and this you can hand off to a ghost writer to create continuity.

I’m sure there are more ways, these are just a few I’ve come up with and tried bits and pieces that have worked for me.

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion
Karrie Ross
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Book Design: Can writing the back cover help write the book?

For all of you who are struggling with either writing a book or the back cover copy… the answer is yes, I believe if you write the back cover copy first it can help with your book outline as well as the book outline helping with the back cover copy… they help eachother.

Think about it… the back cover consists of a headline that is targeting your niche. Next it contains a paragraph stating the sell points in the book followed by bullets of the most important learnings and finally a paragraph to sum it all up and then there are a few testimonials, make them up at first, which give you more information to talk about because it’s another’s opinion. Finally your bio.

If you take all this and begin your outline or table of contents, or  the backcover headline… you are off to a bright beginning.


Another way to write your back cover copy is to take the outline you already wrote and edit and consolidate the points into appropriate sell copy. Either way these are strong in getting you going.

Book Design: 5 Things to Know About Picking Your Book Subject…

First to be a writer ask yourself…What are your taltents? What do you want to do or what interests you? Do you enjoy writing or are you looking for a ghost writer to help you along? What motivates you? How will you use this book you will be writing and why? Once you’ve figured out your motives move on to this next step.

Here are 5 things to consider when writing a non-fiction book.

1. Do you have a subject you are just edging to write about and share your experiences?
2. Do you have the expert knowledge to write on this subject.
3. Is this a broad subject or does it pertain to a niche audience
4. Do you know how to reach this niche? Is it easy?
5. Do you know how many people are in this niche and it’s close interest groups?

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll know if this is a subject that will bring you want you are looking for… oh, yes another question…What are you looking for from this book?

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion
Karrie Ross
Your Book Designer
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