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One thing each day for your book and promotion… one of my authors comments after the printing…

I am constantly being blown away … by authors and how they fare after the book is printed and they start promoting it. For some this is an easy-as-pie action, and for others harder-than-heck.

This is an email I received just recently after I asked one author what they were up to with the book. Amazing what doing one thing a day can bring.

“… As far as what is happening:

  1. I am working on two book signings right now, they were canceled due to the terrible storm and all the havoc.
  2. I am on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel so I posted that on my site and facebook.
  3. The gal that wrote my foreword is giving me  a shout out in her next newsletter.
  4. The man I speak about in my intro has my book listed in his  Dec issue of his famous magazine Dance Teacher Life.
  5. I just brought the book over to the local book store telling her that Continue reading