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Branding: How to Know if You Need a Brand Consultation and How to Get the Most Out of it.

Can’t get a handle on what’s next? The how to promote your services or how to expand your product base and reach? You’re not alone. Hundreds of books, businesses, products and services are created and fail each year because their creators don’t have a handle on focus, branding direction, promotion and marketing information how-to…or motivation!

How to know you need assistance with your brand:

  1. do you get more looky-loos than buyers of your book, product or service?
  2. does your company look like it’s having a bad hair day when you look at your website, promotional materials, or copy?
  3. has all the ‘new’ ways to market your book, product or service taken it’s toll and you just ‘don’t have the time’ to get noticed on social networking sites?

It’s not always possible to do “it all” in the beginning, Continue reading