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Posting to ibookstore…from your PC

Some idle info for getting your ebooks on / in the ibookstore. Seems like if you have a MAC access is easier than if you have a PC. Here are some alternative options I’ve heard about if you have a PC.

  1. Check out  smashwords, seems they have an arrangement with ibookstore so check out their info. They also have a very comprehensive manual about how to put together your manuscript for conversion to epub.
  2. There’s a company that lets you log in and use their Macs by the hour.
    MacinCloud www.macincloud.com
    There are FAQs on their Facebook page.

These are just a few idle tips, be sure to do a comprehensive search if you need more information.

Places to get Publicity for your eBook….

Ebook Awards Bring Publicity to Your Ebook

Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards
Open to entries until June 30. eBooks in the English language from any country.

EPIC’s eBook Awards(TM)
Open to entries from June 1 to July 15. Entries must be published in English and released for sale between June 1 of the previous year through May 31 the current year.

These are just a few. Be sure to put your suggestions in the comments box on the actual post and thank you for sharing.