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Tips: naming files; home pages; using icons

Here are a few tips about anything book or business…of course there are a lot more… and please write yours in the comments section below. It’s always nice to share your knowledge… and we love to hear it!

1. Naming files: don’t use punctuation. No ‘,’ commas or ‘.’ periods or ‘/’ slashes or other such OR spaces. Try to fill in any blanks with a ‘_’ underscore or a ‘-‘ hyphen. This will make your files read better is uploaded or imported.

2. Home pages: these do best when organized from the beginning leaving room to grow. Start with a flow chart of what you do and what you will be offering. There is a saying… nothing is more than two clicks away for your important messages. And don’t forget that the home page is best received by spiders when the SEO is clear and on keyword.

3. Using icons on your website: icons help an otherwise dull site to come alive and have / give direction to the people who come to the site. There are many places to buy full sets so they look the same or make your own using royalty free images and placing a name to them. Try to keep them in standard places from page to page and post to post, this way you begin to identify a process for your audience to follow to your information.

Book Promotion: How to make a Membership Site part of your plan…

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I use Wishlist Member. For several reasons.

1. It’s easy to use and integrates with most mail list and payment processing services.
2. It works with WordPress software
3. It’s affordable, only $99 for a single site license
4. The back-end interface is clean and easy to follow
5. It Creates a level of participation with the people who use my site.

Anyone can have a membership site. It’s a way of creating a Continue reading