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New Book: Neighborhood Boys Who Ran by Jack Rosenblatt

Mystery, sleuthing, New York, Jack Dooney the main character, is a descendant of Philip Marlow, Mick Stranahan, and Spenser.  He just does it in New York …

Jack Rosenblatt loved New York City, the Knicks, good scotch, spaghetti carbonara, and books. He was born on Manhattan’s West Side, attended The Bronx High School of Science and graduated from City College of New York.  Although he worked in the industry as a publishing salesman and later as a bookseller, his passions were writing and storytelling.  “Neighborhood Boys Who Ran” is his salute to the city he loved.

splash’em LLC
New York NY
ISBN 978-0-9826123-1-6

New Book: Powerful or Powerless by Georgia Prescott

“Powerful or Powerless” A Spiritual, Not Religious, Look At The 12 Steps

This book was written for:
•  People confused by how to admit powerlessness over their addiction and become powerful in their lives.
•  Spiritual coaches who are dealing with people who don’t want to name and claim a disease.
•  People who don’t want any part of the God stuff.
•  Family and friends of alcoholics who aren’t ready for sobriety yet.

Rev. Georgia Prescott is the founding minister of the Center For Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento, CA and has been involved in the recovery movement for over 35 years. A dynamic and compassionate counselor, she is known for her storytelling and down to earth style.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9826817-0-1
Self Help

New Book: Mom and Dad, Can I have the keys to the Universe? by Yvonne Aileen

“This book is The Secret for parents.”  — Lisa Harrington, mother of two teenage daughters

Blending ancient truths with new discoveries in quantum physics and heart and brain research, “Mom and Dad, Can I Have the Keys to the Universe?” is a practical, step-by-step guide for parents who want to help their children reach for the stars—and claim them.
Help your child create:
•  A mindset for success
•  A rock-solid self image
•  A viable map to their dreams

Yvonne Aileen is a mother, author, and transformational speaker. She is creator of “I Can Do Anything” seminars, taught throughout the U.S. and Canada, which help teens and preteens learn how to apply Law of Attraction principles in their lives.
Ms. Aileen lives in Portland, Ore., with her sons, Max and Sam, their miniature Schnoodle, Sadie, and “frequently rotating aquarium fish.”

Parenting/New Age/Spirituality
ISBN: 978-0-9824194-1-0

New Book: More Alive Now by Susan Frailey

Discover new ways of choosing nutrition to unlock your inner power and vitality.

“More Alive Now: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life” is your introduction to a new mindset, a new way of life. More Alive Now is an approach to healthy, joyful living through use of innovative nutritional tools that make sense, are easy to follow, and will last a lifetime. Designed for anyone who wants to feel better.

Realize the power of pH balance, food combining, probiotic foods, and enzymes to immediately improve your health.

“Susan Frailey is the real deal. Her genuine open heart and joyful spirit was hard fought, not just wishful thinking, and she has a lot to teach us all about living life more fully.”  — Kenny Loggins

Susan Frailey, RN BSN, is a pioneer in the art of nutrition. Susan teaches, lectures, and consults about her transformational approach to health and well-being. For availability and news, visit www.MoreAliveNow.com.

“More Alive Now” by Susan Frailey RN BSN
ISBN 978-0-9845195-0-7