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Are You Looking to Promote Your Book To Reading Groups?

Have you ever belonged to a Readers Group? They can be a great source of sales for your book. I’ve known many people who love their groups and the diversity of books they read and discuss. Some groups pick a book a week while other groups read a book a month…  They still need to find the books for the group to read and outline the interesting parts and things to consider .

Guides seem to be the way to do it. And as Book Club Resources defines it on their guide page “Reading group guides, also referred to as simply reading guides, are short documents designed to assist book clubs by providing specific discussion topics and questions for a given work.”

Here are some other sites I found:

Amazon has a page for the Month’s Book Club Pick

Random House has a Book Club Center

Reading Group Center Offers a list of Book Guides

Beacon Publishing has a guide list for both Fiction and Non-Fiction

And here is a site I looked through a little more about submitting your guide:
I ran across ReadingGroupGuides.com today and at first glance they seem to have it all covered. The ‘getting books in front of groups eyes’.   They have a long list of genres and titles.
The home page had lots of items listed to move the viewer along:
  • Reading Group Blog
  • Special Features and Contests
  • New and Recommended List for both Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Christian Readers
  • Registered Book Club Promotions
  • What to Read Next Spotlight List
  • Book Group Feature
  • Top 25 Picks

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