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Some interesting facts about margins on the interior of your book.

What is a margin?

It’s the space between the trim edge and the text box copy area.  They border your text box at the top, bottom, outside and inside or gutter edge. This is what I consider ‘white-space’ and helps keep the text in a safe space called the “live area” of the layout file.

Some things to know about margins for your cover and interior:

  1. Margins overall can vary in size depending on the look and readability you are looking for in your design.
  2. Interior margin: The gutter margin, the inside or binding edge, should be wider than the outside margins, this will put less stress on the binding edge and spine when the book is opened and read.
  3. Margins in general, do best when they measure at least .5 inch for top, bottom and outsides, and at least .75 for gutter margins.
  4. If your margin is too small/narrow, you might lose some of your content when the final printed book is trimmed. Offset print trimming  seems to be more accurate than the POD print trimming.
  5. Cover: Maintaining proper cover margins can make or break your book cover design for the front and the back. Getting too close may cut off important information.
  6. Cover: There are different standards for each type of cover, paperback, hardcover dustjacket or lithowrap.
  7. Note to remember: When you have your interior formatted be sure to pay attention to the margins.

Dissing Xmas by Brenda L. Barnes

DisXmas_CVR_3D_72webBrenda Barnes had a vision she just had to write about… and that vision is “Dissing Xmas” a book of short tips and thoughts for consideration concerning the Holiday season. Her vision took her to an over turned cart of presents…”Dissing Xmas” is short and sweet and many of it’s messages hit home for any time of year, holiday or not.

“Once Americans discover that Xmas really won’t be ruined if a super-hyped item isn’t acquired, wrapped, and delivered on December 25th  or an expensive, overbooked flight isn’t taken on December 24th, then a richer, purer, and less frenzied holiday may emerge.” —Brenda Barnes, Author

ISBN: 978-0-615-32892-8   info@splashempublishing.com

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