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Publishing Tip: How To Make Research Work For Your Book

Research. Can one ever do enough? In the self publishing world there are so many variables to consider and because of this, we actively research everything. Like you researching this topic on this self publishing tips blog. In today’s world of electronic discovery your options can be endless.

That being said, be sure to look at several places to see how content matches and where it doesn’t match. Take notes and then do more research. Everyone has a different view and direction they pursue. Finding the ones that match up with your discover can be a fun experience and you might make a connection you’ll keep for years.

Here are some things to consider to “make research work” for your needs:

  1. What will the research be for? How will you use it? What is your outline or focus and how do you plan to back it up?
  2. Are you looking for a book or product to purchase on a specific subject? Will you search amazon.com?
  3. Are you looking for statistics? For content dialogue? Or for a like minded colleague?
  4. Are you looking for quotable comments or a person to write your foreword or to collaborate with you?
  5. How much information do you  need? Will you look at Wikipedia?
  6. Are you looking for a conference, school, or other program to help further your exposure?
  7. Always look for not only the answers, but new questions. Be open to all viewpoints at least enough to explore more.
  8. Will you hire a consultant to help pave the way?

Sometimes one place will lead you to the next. OR give you another option to add to the book,  or to discount one you thought was finished but now needs further discovery. Whatever you find, will stimulate your brain and expand your journey and experiences.

Remember, do something everyday toward the production, and promotion of your book, service, product or company and contact me to move it forward faster.

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Tip: Does your Book Cover copy and visual flow?

Some book covers try to tell you every thing you’d ever want to know about what’s inside the book. You’ll see star bursts, triangles on the corners, boxed text, copy above the title, copy below the author’s name, there’s so much going on you don’t know what to look at let alone comprehend first. Then you turn the book over to the back-cover and it’s not much better.

I suggest taking a second look at exactly what all that information is going to do. Ask if it is really necessary;

1.  will it add to the interest level of the content;
2.  will it make the reader look at the back cover;
and Continue reading

Book Design Terms Defined

Every skill has it’s own language. Here are some common terms you might not be aware of their meaning.

1. Barcode / ISBN: a barcode is made from your ISBN and identifies/connects your book, ebook, audio book to the publisher. It will usually contain the price.

2. Complete Ownership of Book Design: it is important for the author to know that they have the rights to the final creative concept, title design configuration, and all files used in their book. Continue reading

Tip: Making your book interior design more interesting

Your interior is not just words. It’s a feeling, a concept, a “listen to me” dialog you would like the reader to first purchase it and then of course to keep reading it.

Making it visually interesting for the ‘flip-though’ is really important… and I’m not talking boxed text, which can get to be too much for the flipper to comprehend. Here are three ways I suggest to authors for making their interiors more compelling and interesting.

  1. photos: I’m not talking tons but one for each chapter to set a tone is good.
  2. Quotes or statements at the beginning of the chapter, to be used Continue reading