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How do I treat the cover for a second edition?

Second Edition book changes or entirely new content? Some things to consider: is it really a second edition or are you just correcting errors? Adding new info and what percentage? second editions usually apply to timely content... like text books, directories etc. content with info that needs to be updated for specific uses yearly  will you need a new ISBN or can you use the same one will the book need some kind of identifier on cover that states it is new info, use year, or...

Figuring Out What Makes a Great Book Title

Book publishing companies hire professional copywriters for figuring out what makes a great book title or "headline" because book publishing is big business; so there is a lot of thought that goes into making their titles as commercially-viable as possible.  Many well-known and highly successful books started out with other titles and grew into the ones that make them famous. Visit the book store, notice how customers pick up a book, scan the front and back cover, and then put it down...
Bi Literal Reading

News: The Differences between Reading Digital and Physical Books

I read more pbooks (physical books) than ebooks (digital) and I do lots of research online... mostly I find that the sitting posture for reading online disturbing as I work at a computer all day so it seems like work. I can understand how the article relates online reading to research, the ability to scan as that seems to be the action for work. Mostly fiction books are ebooks which are for letting the mind escape. So I'm guessing e or p will work for that since you can take it anywhere with...

Book Reviews – another way to back links and more PR for your Book

In a world run by back-links and opinions of others, sometimes it pays to pay for the exposure, AND there are free reviewer services as well, both when used might/can eventually lead to free PR or requests to be interviewed or expert opinions on the news. The more we make ourselves look good the more we are seen that way. And
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