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The British Library Presents a Rich History of Science Fiction…


Screen shot from ©the guardian.co.uk

For those who love the fiction…book.. the Guardian UK put together a visual piece on the exhibition at the British Library spotlighting Science Fiction.

By bringing a well rounded appreciation of all books into our lives we get to experience the fullness of the learning they have to give us, either directly or indirectly the affect is there. The ability to tell a story in fiction when read allows our thinking to extend out into the ability of presenting concepts in the non-fiction world of business and coaching and teaching and motivation. But then… I feel a closeness to the SciFi….

I was raised with Science Fiction all around me. My Dad collected it starting sometime in 1929 or so. The garage walls were lined with book shelves filled with Amazing, Astounding, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells, and more.

I fell in love with the images, my sister the stories. I didn’t read SciFi until my late 20’s I was more interested in the mysteries my Mother collected when I was young. I came from a family of readers, mental exploration.

Over the years I came to realize the power of the SciFi stories, the way they opened our minds to the awareness of a future to us that is yet to happen, or a new perspective of the now we might not have seen…  the gadgets and social interaction and vision only the imagination can create. The hopes and dreams fulfilled in a fantasy world of what is make believe now but may someday be part of a reality.

How are your book experiences affecting your writing, your view of the world and how to change it through your work…? Have you explored the what is possible…

Tell me about it in the comments box provided on the post page…