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Using Social Media to cross-promote You…

I just ran across this post about “13 ways to cross-promote on social media sites”

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Joan Stewart has what she calls “digital bread crumbs” for friends and fans to follow… this is in the social media we choose to use.

One of the important things to remember in any social media experience is… the experience you share and receive. Be sure to follow some basic rules:

  • be informative
  • share your message
  • engage with others, bring them into your thinking…go to theirs
  • set boundaries for how you respond and are responded to
  • be kind and thoughtful
  • remember, what you say is who you are and how you share promotes you to the world that is listening… or not!

We are not alone on the internet. It is not a closed-circuit of information. Once you say something be sure to be able and willing to back it up to the best of your ability and be sure to let your readers know if you made a mistake or miss quote… things happen to all of us and the willingness to know/like/and trust is a strong emotion to engage your reader/fans/followers in.

and most of all…

Enjoy the activity!

Business; Branding: What Can We Learn From the Twitter Replies Option Change/Not-Changed?


Sometimes we just need to slow down and consider our clients and their motivators.

Twitter didn’t do that in my opinion… and had to reassess their action and did a quick back-step. I was wondering just how many of their employees actually are using twitter and did they even poll them to see how they liked the function of ‘replies’. And now, we users are primed for future changes, but not in the way I think twitter intended! Improvements in their eyes but in ours, their clients, a problem, a restriction.

I like twitter. (follow me here KarrieRoss on twitter) I’ve made some really interesting connections with people I wouldn’t have normally met. It could be because of location, industry, interests… but, twitter brings us all together in a sharing capacity and, for me, that is what the replies action is all about. Being able to carry on a conversation and share it with others and at the same time spreading who I am to people who might not know me, but the person I’m conversing with…NETWORKING

Now, lets take this lesson and apply it to your book, product or business.

When positioning your business and motivating your customers always remember to see your actions from your clients perspective and ask the question “Will this add to their benefit or not?”

Remember, do something everyday toward your book design, product or small business promotion and branding.

Karrie Ross
Book Design Branding