Testimonials… just when you thought it was safe… ha ha!

I lost the URl I got this from….

I love that we get testimonials from clients don’t you? We hear how we are seen and perform and the experience they have with us… warms the heart, or at least it warms mine.

Then there are the ones, and don’t get me wrong… I love and honor truth from my friends. This is a great take on just that quality of Samuel Clemens, when asked for a brief but quotable review of ‘Nuggets and Dust Panned Out in California by Dod Grille,‘ the most recent book by his friend, Ambrose Bierce.

I remember in the beginning of my career when I asked for a testimonial from a client and they asked me to write it and they would edit. I was surprised for sure… but if I am to use Clemens letter as an example, I’m thinking that this might be a good practice and is something to consider.

What type of testimonials do you get? DO you even ask? Will you put it on your website? I read that some people think that testimonials are just ego shouting… do you?

Personally I treasure the view of my clients and like that they now offer to send me one for my site.