Using Your Website for Promotion… Do You Have a Website?

Don’t forget to put up a website.

I know, you’re thinking “… of course I’ll have a website!”


  • Will that site be working for you… or will you be working for it?
  • Will you be able to maintain the site yourself…or need to hire someone to maintain it?
  • Will it have bells and whistles that are supposed to make it easy to use or will it be easy to use?
  • Will you offer your book for sale either by your own fulfillment or send them to Amazon to purchase?
  • Be sure your sell copy is selling your benefits. Is it easy?  Is it obvious?
  • Will you blog about your subject?
  • Will you be sure to use keywords and other SEO tactics for the search engines to like your site?
  • Will it be interesting?

Just because websites are a given, a norm, understood… doesn’t mean it will work for you…so be sure you work for it in the beginning and give it the life you want for you, your book and your stories and it will eventually be working for you.