Web-Presence: A plugin for your WordPress sites that adds a "Related Posts" section to each post.

The “Best Related Posts” plugin to use with your WordPress site is great for promoting more of your book, product and services at the end of each post you make. Why is this a good thing you ask? For your page ranking stats, your SEO of course!

Google ranks a website according to how important they look. How may pages you have and how many links you have and how good your content is, are among the top ways. But, the main way that Google determines this is by the amount of links that point to a page.

Google considers two types of links in their searching. The first is external links, these are the links that link to your site from other websites. The second is internal links, these are the links from within your site to your site or others.

Google not only really likes great content and lots of it, they like to see that you are constantly directing people through your content by linking to other parts of your site. So when you mention one of your books, products or services be sure to make their name or photo image with a link to more information on another page. This helps your users get around your site easier.

Now about the “Best Related Posts” Plugin

This may be the most important WordPress plugin on earth, that is if you are looking at it from a  SEO standpoint. Of course I like to think of it as another way to assist your users and help them find the best of your books, products or services on their way through your website. Like extended selling techniques.

“Best Related Posts” Plugin places a really nice table of 1 or more related posts from within your site at the bottom of every blog entry. It will place an image and then a short description so your users can get an idea of interest.  Here are some  really REALLY great reasons this will help your site from an SEO point of view:

  1. It will really increase the amount of internal linking in your site. As stated above, this is good.
  2. It makes your pages look more important.
  3. Some of your older pages are probably only linked to from one spot in your site. Google will look at these pages as not worth linking to…. with the related post plugin it allows your pages to be link-related pages together, making each look more important and popular.