Your Manuscript…typing not like it used to be…!

When we were taught typing on a regular typewritter we were told to double space after a period “.” but with computers this might cause problems when typesetting your book with a professional designer. You see, type is programmed to allow extra space automatically after periods and if you put in two spaces then you might have more space than you need depending on the final typeface being used. I find that omitting the extra space helps the manuscript read better. However, I do suggest you keep the two spaces if an “A” begins the next sentence…it just works better! I know, so many things to remember… after the first time this happens and you have to go back and omit all the extra spaces I promise you, you won’t do it again! That is of course assuming you don’t like the extra space…some people do…it’s of course your preference! For a sample Go to:One Space vs. Two Space Sample