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Lets Face it… getting your book designed right the first time really pays off in the end…

 —Karrie Ross, Book Cover Designer


Cover Design Pricing:

Timeline is 7 to 10 weekdays to FINISHED Cover to send to printer on most covers.

• Paperback/eBook: $650+

• Hardcover/eBook: $900+

• Both together $1,250+


  1. Design of Cover / Spine / Back (and flaps for hardcover dust-jacket)
  2. In-depth brainstorming creative discussion (1-2 hours)
  3. 2 layouts, 2 proofs: first set of cover proofs within 72-96 hours from when I have all items on checklist. My process shortens the time.
  4. Final cover jpg to use for advertising and website: both flat and 3D image files of the cover,
    • NOTE: the flat cover image can be used for an ebook so you are getting your ebook cover for free when the physical cover is made!
  5. Free barcode  made from your supplied ISBN
  6. Print-ready pdf files supplied for printer
  7. You own the rights to all work done once project is finished and paid in full
  8. Once final payment is received, all for-print pdfs and source files are sent to you.
  9. Design work is considered “work-for-hire”
  10. Time-frame: allow 7 – 10 weekdays (depending on what is to be done)
  11. Friendly service and helpful expert guidance.

Contact me, lets talk. And here is a FAQ page.

 Client supplies pre-edited and proofed front and backcover copy, ISBN, and one hi-res digital photo or specific realistic illustration image file. (see a-la-carte below)

 All it takes is 6 seconds… 10 at the most… you have to grab that readers attention. YOUR cover design needs to be oogled over and talked about.

Your custom cover design begins with a detailed brainstorming discussion of concept whether you already have an idea or not (1-2 hours). We discuss creative possibilities and I offer suggestions for a unique design direction for the cover image, and title design for your book. 

I guide a conversation toward a variety of concept possibilities and how to find the perfect image for your book. For legal purposes, the client purchases the images from their photo-site account once the final concept is decided upon. Note: some of the images and creative concepts we discuss might need photoshop blending to make it happen. (see below a-la-carte)

OR — I offer an “alternative option” (see below a-la-carte) of having me do the photo research, just in case looking for the images is not something you feel comfortable doing.

We work together, you are a part of this process…and we will laugh!

(Sites for royalty free photo images to assist in your photo search: / / / / and there are many others.)

book cover design sample by book designer karrie ross

If your project needs an illustration: I do what is called a photo-montage / blending, manipulation, which is a combining of photo images to create the illustration for the cover. On my portfolio page  I mention how many photographs were used to create the image seen. (if the photos can be found I can create the image, what I don’t do is hand drawn specific illustrations) Pricing is based on time and services to be used and is mentioned below in the a-la-carte list of add-on services.

I also offer book interior design and formatting services.

More Information on my services:  Contact me, lets talk. And here is a FAQ page.


“Thank you so much for your turn key help. I truly appreciate it.”
~Connie Spenuzza

  • Note: I also design audio DVD/CD case and face covers; Speaker Marketing Kits and Flyers
  • Consulting — use to confirm where you are in the process, what to do next — assessment and advice on where you are at, what to do next and how to use my services.
  • Click here for Author Testimonials
  • Learn what goes in the back cover copy and what goes on the hardcover dust-jacket flaps and back cover copy.
  • Platform building, promotion, and marketing fall under my consulting services.

My goal is to give you a dynamic book — One that, not only you will love, but  that motivates your audience—  I offer suggestions that keep your budget in mind for best value.

 —Karrie Ross, Book Cover Designer

a la cart book services by book designer karrie ross

Contact me, lets talk. And here is a FAQ page.

I know the book cover design process can seem overwhelming at times. I’m here to listen and answer any questions to ease your mind. I’ll guide you through all the parts and specifications to your book cover success.

—Karrie Ross, Book Cover Designer

Design services offered by Book Designer Karrie Ross


Description of Book Design Services:

Book Design Description:
Creative Discussion
Together we discuss your concept and come up with possibilities for use for the cover design.
FREE Barcode from your ISBN
Barcodes are made from publisher ISBNs that include price. This is an inventory tacking system.
Complete Ownership of Book Design. No hidden charges.
All rights to cover files created by Be It Now. Including title design configuration etc. Images from istockphoto are under separate agreement check their site for information.
Book Cover Design Layouts
Layouts created based on our discussion and the photos/images supplied.
Proofs of your cover where changes are made leading to final approval.
Cover jpg thumbnail image files (72dpi and one 300dpi)
Both flat and 3D jpgs of the cover image. Supplied to you in two or three different sizes and dpi resolutions.
Additional image added to cover ($TBD each image added)
This is a use/process charge for any additonal images that will be used on the front or back cover.
Production Files Delivered by downloadable zip

All source, print and jpg files zipped then uploaded to my servers available by link supplied to download and backup from your computer.

Production Files Delivered on two CDs
CDs that hold all source, print and jpg files
3D version of Cover (72dpi and 300dpi)
3D image, paperback or hardcover for used on website and promo materials.
Consultation included
Questions answered at a pre-arranged time that cover book design or other related subjects.
Photo Research
Research for images on the istockphoto site that will be within the creative concept for your cover.
Photo Retouching / Montage
Retouching of images that might need adjustment in someway to make them useable for your cover.
Files made into print ready pdf per printer instructions.
Final pdf files contain all elements of your book cover design in a format that all printers can read.
Length of time from receipt of items on checklist provided.
Prepress for first printing to be sure printer has all they need
Being sure your printer has all the files to their specifics.
Hardcover (instead of paperback)
Hardcover book needs a dustjacket and the files are more involved because they add flaps and board measurements.
Both Paperback AND Hardcover Book Design production files done at same time
When the author wants both paperback and hardcover dustjacket book cover designs done at the same time.


If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please Contact me and lets start your project.

Not sure where to begin? Contact me for Extended Project consulting/coaching, marketing, advertising, promotion PR, organization and more. Learn more about my Consulting Services.



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