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Book Design Terms Defined

Every skill has it’s own language. Here are some common terms you might not be aware of their meaning. 1. Barcode / ISBN: a barcode is made from your ISBN and identifies/connects your book, ebook, audio book to the publisher. It will usually contain the price. 2. Complete Ownership of Book Design: it is important

Testimonials… just when you thought it was safe… ha ha!

I love that we get testimonials from clients don’t you? We hear how we are seen and perform and the experience they have with us… warms the heart, or at least it warms mine. Then there are the ones, and don’t get me wrong… I love and honor truth from my friends. This is a

Book Award: Eric Hoffer Awards

Occasionally I get email notices for award shows and think passing them on would benefit my readers. I just received this one and the deadline is January 21, 2013. ==== SECOND CALL:  THE 2013 ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD SMALL PRESSES  *  ACADEMIC PRESSES  *  MICRO PRESSES  *  SELF-PUBLISHERS — $2,000 GRAND PRIZE — LOW ENTRANCE

Book Interior: Typefaces and Readability of your Book's Interior

The interior of your book is just as important as the cover.  In fact, it just might be more important. For me, the design of the book’s interior is liken to… “getting the book to speak to the reader, while being a soundless physical page.” Once your book is purchased you’ll need to hold the

The power of blogs…

The potential of blogs for the book author who is struggling to grow a readership is simply staggering. So far in the news, it’s been more a case of bloggers being catapulted into the role of book author, but the reverse shows equal promise of becoming the next big thing for self publishing authors. Book

Tip: Making your book interior design more interesting

Your interior is not just words. It’s a feeling, a concept, a “listen to me” dialog you would like the reader to first purchase it and then of course to keep reading it. Making it visually interesting for the ‘flip-though’ is really important… and I’m not talking boxed text, which can get to be too

One thing each day for your book and promotion… one of my authors comments after the printing…

I am constantly being blown away … by authors and how they fare after the book is printed and they start promoting it. For some this is an easy-as-pie action, and for others harder-than-heck. This is an email I received just recently after I asked one author what they were up to with the book.

Library Mailings for your Book

There are many different ways to have your book seen, read, talked about. One is having it in a Library. One way to get seen is to be included what is called a “Library Mailing”. It is a fee service and listed below  are two pretty well known services to consider, there are others so

Posting to ibookstore…from your PC

Some idle info for getting your ebooks on / in the ibookstore. Seems like if you have a MAC access is easier than if you have a PC. Here are some alternative options I’ve heard about if you have a PC. Check out  smashwords, seems they have an arrangement with ibookstore so check out their

Idle thoughts: 10 rules for fiction and non-fiction writers

I know there are more rules about writing than one can shake a stick at… and I’m sure you can suggest a few in the comments box to share with us all… the below are just 10 that seem to hit home to be attentive to. Here are just 10 rules to follow? (Thanking Janet

Why it's important to be exact with your release date…

We all admire being on time… especially if “it” the event etc is important to us. AND How much more important is being correct than with the release date of your book? “tell me exactly when I’m going to get it.” so I can plan

Book Award Shows Can Be Your Friend

Be sure to get a list of Award Shows and submit your book. Having a sticker to put on your website and book will do wonders for being seen as an expert. The obvious category to submit to is your fiction/non-fiction, and then the specific category of your book subject… but don’t forget about submitting

Book Awards: Axiom Business Book Awards

Here is another award show you might take a look at… remember, this is a part of your self publishing book promotion and marketing. “The Axiom Business Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary business books and their creators, with the understanding that business people are a very well-read and informed segment of the

Idle Knowledge: taking a screen shot

I use this all the time for documenting information to a digital file. It’s great for ‘how to’ and training instructions. I have a MAC so I know the directions are correct. The PC directions came from my cousin so I hope they are correct. How to take a screen shot. MAC: hit shift command

Book Design: Creating a Book Cover having the image hit Your Audiences' Emotions

The cover image you choose needs to help create a look that has a beauty and balance to it. Something that brings the viewers’ senses more into the book by creating an attachment to the emotion exposed. When deciding on a cover image, look to the metaphor, to the possibility of the viewer ‘filling in

Book Design: Should I Put an Order Form in My BooK?

The question of the book order form is often asked… do I or don’t I… and if I do, how many do I put in the back of the book? I figure if you have the space, the pages based on the signature count from your printer, why not include an Order Form. The form

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