Web-Presence 101: your mailing list

“It” is suggested that if you have a book, product, service or business, you need a website, and if you have a website you need a blog and if you have a blog, you need a mailing list. So to have a mailing list … now what? So, do you feel lost in a distant land yet? I know I did years ago when I first started learning bout how to create a web-presence and to make it dynamic, one that interacts on the smallest level with my audience.

Let me give you some beginning info about mailing lists.

  1. Create a focus, and all the other business practices that go with it. What is the best way for you to begin based on your current focus. Things change… wait until you see where it all goes.
  2. Research and decide if there is a fit for your long term goals they will work.
  3. What to do if you want to transfer to another service?
  4. What type of audience will yours be? What are they looking for?
  5. Is cost an issue, be sure to find the right free one for you. And how do you know it will grow with you…
  6. How does the mailing list fit into your plan of connection?
  7. Consider how you’ll grow it.  Are you going to have an initial offer to get them to sign up? Is this good for your service or now? What will it be?
  8. Be sure to position your form in the correct place on your website for best results.
  9. Always thank them. Ask questions.
  10. Find the service that works best for your needs now and later.
  11. Don’t worry if they leave, you can set up a form that ask them why… but hey….do you fill those out?

Remember, do something every day toward the production and promotion for your book, product, service or company… and contact me to move it forward faster and in a logical productive cost effective way.

# # #