Amazon had an Anniversary July 15th its been 20 years!!


I know… 20 years! Strange to think that in just that short amount of time all the changes that have happened. Good and Not so good on many levels. I know it changed the way I purchase, and do business.

They hit many markets: bookselling, one-click-purchasing, amazon prime, kindle/ebook creation and sales, publishing with create space, drones and robots still in the works, trunk delivery, dash, and prime day this month.

The article gives a short description of each as a reminder in case we forgot.

Ever since the introduction of the personal computer, ones that were affordable, our lives, our jobs, and our future, was put on a road not traveled or barely imagined.

The book design and publishing process changed with technology. The services I offer used to take much longer and included a skillset not much used any more. I’ve adapted and so have you, the authors. We are in this journey of discovery together.

Remember, do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, service or company and contact me to help move you faster and effectively. There are several consulting options to choose from. Lets talk!