Writing for Books: Back Cover and Advertisements

Learning to write engaging copy in a way that examples your quality and caring is as important as a good-hair-day. What you write about is to example how to perceive you and your content.

Being sure you hit all their needs, write your copy to address answers to the most expected questions, and instill interest in your readers towards your teaching using the basics of the follow questions:

1. What’s in it for me?
First – readers want to know what they are learning when they read your book, what are the things that are new or offer new information. Be sure to research facts that will catch their attention, start with the headline. Write it in a very convincing tone, let them “hear” one thing they will learn when they read your book.

2. How will my life be better?
Connect here with emotional appeals that attract their deepest needs, wants. Ask yourself how to write so they see… “how to become richer, smarter, better looking, thinner or more popular?” Do they want to save time, money or effort… or all three?

Study your readers market until you know the emotional buttons to ‘talk to’ and you’ll see an increase in interest. Get them nodding in response to your questions, statements… use their desires to attract them and get them to continue reading right until the end.

3. Why should I trust you?
Your reader might be skeptical if an action requires a purchase. Write copy to clear their doubts by providing positive testimonials from previous readers and emphasize the benefits of your product.

If you don’t have testimonials for your product, search for forums related to your readers and offer to give a complimentary copy in exchange for a testimonial –usually you will get a response in no time.

4. What will happen if I say no?
Be sure to not to write in that tone… use convincing terms to get a yes from them… get the nodding going again.  Remind them about the problems that they are having, their frustrations, about money, or their emotional condition, and impart to them how they can change by using new information.

+ +

Research your questions well and provide answers and list positives that cover all your readers needs/wants. Help them to feel safe with you… that the solution is here with just a little work.