How do I treat the cover for a second edition?

Second Edition book changes or entirely new content? Some things to consider:

  1. is it really a second edition or are you just correcting errors? Adding new info and what percentage?
  2. second editions usually apply to timely content… like text books, directories etc. content with info that needs to be updated for specific uses yearly
  3.  will you need a new ISBN or can you use the same one
  4. will the book need some kind of identifier on cover that states it is new info, use year, or second edition, or edition 2 etc.
  5. the cover can be kept pretty much the same if you want, but I suggest putting an identifier of a different color somehow to make it perfectly clear its a new edition.
  6. can you and will it benefit you to get new reviews to post along with old ones …  will it be good to state that the review is from the first edition.
  7. there might be other items that will need to be done depending on your type of book.

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