Book: J. A. Maloney two Mystery Novels over the past year…

IT YOU LIKE GOLF and OWN A HOME… here are two Brad Stephens Murder Mysteries you will want to read.

Check out these are two great murder mysteries… finished over the past year by Joel Maloney author website at


Breakfast Ball

Brad Stephens was enjoying the relative success of thirty years in the high stress world of mortgage loan origination when the great recession left him stripped of assets, short of business, and teetering on the brink of insolvency. When professional golfer and good friend, John Linden, hires him to act as both real estate agent and mortgage broker, it appears Brad is headed towards financial salvation. The transaction should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Brad, Linden’s management company, his hot Latina fiancée, a group of fundamental extremists, and the apparent suicide of Linden’s personal manager, Art Smalley, present extraordinary –perhaps deadly– obstacles to his success. J.A. Maloney’s first thriller offers well-paced intrigue and an insider’s portrait of the financial collapse that almost destroyed the global economy. Along the way, he will take you to several world famous golf courses; will entertain you with some insight into the rich and famous and will introduce you to the world of Brad Stephens –a regular guy whose first shot at life went slightly out of bounds and now might deserve to take a Breakfast Ball.

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Death at The High End

After surviving several attempts on his life recently and then clawing his way back from the bowels of the recession, Brad Stephens doesn’t need any more excitement in his life.

But when a serial-killer begins murdering high-end real estate agents along the coast of California, Brad is called in by the FBI as a special consultant. Because it might help the task force develop a theory behind the motivations of the killer, Brad helps former Secret Service agent – turned Special Task Force coordinator—Jim Krnich to understand the inner-workings of the competitive world of real estate sales. The lesson is rudely interrupted, however, when Brad’s wife, Mel, and her friends, Stefanie Ramirez and Paula Smith-Newhall fall into the crosshairs of the killer.

With the aid from a self-help guru and a retired mobster, Krnich eventually comes to understand the motivation behind the killings –and it is almost more disturbing to him than the crimes themselves—but can they catch the maniac before he gets the girls?

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