Having a Professional Book Design for your Cover and Interior

The Importance of having a Professional Book Design for  your Cover and Interior

Congratulations!  You finally finished writing your very first book and are ready to make a fortune by offering it to the public.  You have spent countless hours with research, typing, proofreading, editing, and re-editing to create the most informative and engaging publication imaginable.  All you have to do is slap a cover on it and post an advertisement on Amazon, and the money will start rolling in.  Unfortunately, this is how millions of first-time authors, novelists and entrepreneurs approach the marketing of their first book.

In order for any book or publication to achieve these highest levels of massive sales, some very critical factors must be taken into consideration.  The design of the book cover is critical, acting as a sort of “Billboard” for all of the valuable information inside.  Simple choices like title text placement and font selection can be a crucial determining factor, as well as the formatting of the interior pages themselves.  AND…. In order for your book to begin creating a buzz in the literary community, the information inside must be organized, readable, and easy-to-follow for those first few buyers.

Cover Dynamics

Many writers are not very experienced with graphic design.  This only makes sense.  You are a wordsmith and an expert in your field of expertise, not a visual artist.  A professional cover designer will take into consideration not only your targeted audience when choosing the graphics but dive into the history and mind of them too.  Images will be selected that appeal to the characteristics of the consumers who can benefit from buying your product.

The appropriate size of the book and its cover is a very important consideration.  Even the font size and typeface comes into play.  For example, if you are a rather well-known writer, then it might be to your marketing advantage to arrange the author name in a configuration other than one line.

Interior Readability

If your book content is not an easy read… why read it? One very common mistake that new authors often make is to overemphasize numerous details contained in the body of the text.  The overuse of multiple fonts, italicized words, bold text, and underlined phrases can often make the book appear somewhat disjointed and confusing to the average reader.

A professional book designer knows how to select the proper size and style of font that will make your document easier to read.  There are thousands of “little things” to look for when formatting the interior pages of any published book or novel, and a professional designer will know just how to make the reader feel like they are in an easy chair no matter where they are!.

Organization Paying additional attention to rules for the cover and proper sequencing of the interior front, middle and back contents is essential to being seen as a professional author… so be sure to choose a professional designer who makes this happen and more.

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