Traditional Publishing or Self Publishing and Promotion?

Traditional Publishing or Self Publishing… a question I get asked many times in initial conversations. There was a time when becoming an author was “like totally out there” and seen as unreachable for most of us. Then, something happened and things changed. Technology. I remember it happening. That shinny new ‘something’ that needed to be seen. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. After all, it’s been close to 30 years now… and our lives are still changing because of it.

Today anyone can write a book, and many do. Being self published is now seen as being pro-active and necessary if you have a concept or story that just has to be shared.

There is great joy in sharing and participating in life. Technology, personal computers mostly, might keep us closer to our desks and not as physically active but our minds still move at 100+ miles an hour and our need for community grows with the need to share and participate.

Writing a book, your own book, story, concepts is how we ease that need. So it’s no wonder that the self published author will continue to be on the rise.

Since promotion is at least 85% of the process of being seen, it needs to be attended to. Most publishers expect the author to participate in this, book signings and such and with social media, participate on a larger scale… I know, like when do they have time to write another book…?? But it goes without saying, the author needs to be seen and heard in ways apart from just the writing of the book.

The linked article points out 10 interesting reasons self publishing will continue to grow… I work with beginning authors everyday and experience first hand the joy they feel throughout the process of producing their book.

So don’t miss out being a part of something big for your soul… start your outline today. Take notes about what you want to include, begin the stage of gathering and researching, writing…and then contact me to help you move it forward faster by consulting on process and  printing and designing the cover and interior.

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