Where and how to begin your book promotion.

Book Promotion, or marketing can probably be said to be at least 90% of your job once you’ve decided to write a book and self publish it. But don’t feel overwhelmed just yet. You begin this process early on so by the time the book is written and designed you have a system created that works for you.

Here are some things you can think about setting up:
1.    I had an author that contacted schools like the ones she taught at
2.    Libraries
3.    Readers Groups
4.    Special Interest Clubs and Organizations
5.    Friends and family for suggestions… never know when a 6 year old will open your eyes
6.    Begin Local
7.    Small Business Associations
8.    National Assoc. for the Self Employed
9.    Local Seniors Assoc
10.    Any place that your target audience will go to
11.    Social Media
12.    Magazines and newspapers
13.    Do extensive internet searches
14.    Think, where would I look if I wanted this information or help
15.    lots more…. just think

That all being listed, seems like it’s just a matter of putting together another outline and mapping out the sequence you want to start with. Watch how every place you research for content development can turn into a place to promote.

Remember, do something every day  toward the production and promotion of your book, service, product or company and contact me to help you move it forward faster.

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