What’s happening in the digital world and how piracy is being looked at…

One of my threads just started talking about the how the music industry is dealing with digital piracy and the effects it’s having on the overall revenue… likening this to what will/might happen in other industries as this effect trickles down into books, artwork and such.


Will the self-publishing ebook go the way of the digital music MP3. How the music industry is handling the piracy of digital downloads and is this a possible answer for publishing and digital media over all? and DO we really want to go into this world so quickly as we see all these readers and pads popping up all over the place.

Even though the linked article is from 2011, I found it interesting from many perspectives…especially with the world of the internet thinking ‘free’ most of the time… what where how will revenue be developed?

Will we one day have a cable show where children’s books are read out loud as the interactive media pages turn on the television in the living room, or ipad reader-like device and the revenue comes from advertisers conveniently placed like we now see for video content? I wonder…

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