Back Up your Website and Social Media (facebook)

Part of what I do  is help people create a web-presence… and that includes the social promotion, facebook,  and website build, wordpress, and upkeep. There are many things that can happen to your various accounts like your website and you want to be sure you at least have a recent back up xml file. There are other ways from the back end where you can also get a copy, you can ask your hosting provider about this, but do this recommendation at least and let your mind be a ease.

BACK UP YOUR STUFF!!  the attached image diagrams how to find the back up selections for facebook and wordpress… Try to DO this at least every 2-3 months… and for sure twice a year. You won’t be sorry you did.

facebook is the little drop down arrow in the upper right … go to settings. They will send you by email a file that you should download into a folder and keep safe

wordpress  is in the side column navigation to TOOLS then EXPORT. This will download an xml file you put in your website back ups folder and keep safe

how to back up your facebook and wordpress data site

how to back up your facebook and wordpress data site

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