News: The Differences between Reading Digital and Physical Books

bi-literal-readingI read more pbooks (physical books) than ebooks (digital) and I do lots of research online… mostly I find that the sitting posture for reading online disturbing as I work at a computer all day so it seems like work. I can understand how the article relates online reading to research, the ability to scan as that seems to be the action for work.

Mostly fiction books are ebooks which are for letting the mind escape. So I’m guessing e or p will work for that since you can take it anywhere with you.

Then there are the non-fiction books, some could have live links in a ebook form but when read in the pbook form might bring a different type of learning and remembering.

It all boils down to what we become accustomed to… I like pbooks best…

Here is the link to the article at POST LOCAL


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