Writing Copy for your Book Sales and Promotion

Some things to consider when writing copy for your book sales and promotion. Over the years there has been lots of discussion  on whether a short sales piece with lots of white space and less copy is better or whether long and detailed one that is crowed and lots of copy is the way to go.  I’m thinking to ask…  “What type of buyer are you targeting?”

There are basically 2 kinds of buyers.

1. The Impulsive Buyer
This is the kind of person with very short attention and time… with “places to go and people to see”.  Typically, they’ll skim the headlines and subtopics, glance at the photos and captions, and make a snap decision.

2. The Analytical Buyer
This type of buyer believes that the proof is in the details and so the more details the better.  They’ll read everything, including the fine print.

Hopefully you are skilled and write what we call “successful copy” that address’ the needs of both types of buyers,  regardless of length.  Let’s look at what you need to do to reach these buyers.

Beginning Suggestions on “How to reach each”.

The Impulsive Buyer

1. Use specific, guided headlines and sub headlines.
2. Add attention getting images that enhance your message

–Varying fonts and font sizes
–Use Bold Headlines
–Highlight with shaded areas or bullets

The Analytic Buyer

1. Use the headlines, sub headlines, and graphics for the impulsive buyer as guides.  Add the detailed information the analytic buyer needs under the proper heading, and you’ve got a winning marketing piece that is guaranteed to be successful


Research and getting to know and find knowledgeable sources of how your potential buyers react is a key to getting their attention. Take note fo the fact that the needs of the impulsive buyer and the analytical buyer overlaps is a bonus for you, the copywriter!


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