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AB 5: The Bona Fide Business-to-Business Rule

I believe that acquiring information is important and learning about what is current and relevant to what I do, so I subscribe to a variety of subjects, one is law. I recently ran across this article about the new AB 5: The Bona Fide Business-to-Business Rule. I’ve read Mr. Hoffmans articles for a few years

Seth Godin and getting impact by broadening access

Sometimes we get lost in our focus and forget the “what’s out there also…” part of what we do, believe, write about. As non-fiction writers we are open to that ‘what’ so lets put our mind in gear and reach that other interest. I speak with authors all the time about who is their audience

List of 50 Book awards

50 Book Awards Note: this list is old and some links might not work. ————————- City of Calgary W. O. Mitchell Award Deadline: December “The City of Calgary established this prize, in honour of renowned Calgary writer W.O. Mitchell, to recognize literary achievement by Calgary authors.” Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, children’s literature, and drama books

Please Join my New Mailing List!

This maybe be duplicated. I want to be sure you get the message. ——————————— Thank you for being interested in my design services all these years, I know I have not posted for awhile, life happens and now I’m back at it so… I have been reorganizing my business and have changed my email provider. 

How to add a website Bookmark icon to your iphone

 How to make a desktop icon bookmark for your website url for use on your iphone so when someone asks about your book you can take them directly to your author website page of choice. 1. login to your phone 2. find the Safari icon and open the program 3. type in your website url

Book Business and the Players…

Got turned on to an interesting article about the 4 largest players in the book business. Amazon on line; ReaderLink supplier to mass markets; Barnes&Noble brick-n-morter; Penguin Random House commercial trade. Take a quick look if you don’t know much about the functions or back story… or just use it as an fyi. Click for

How do I treat the cover for a second edition?

Second Edition book changes or entirely new content? Some things to consider: is it really a second edition or are you just correcting errors? Adding new info and what percentage? second editions usually apply to timely content… like text books, directories etc. content with info that needs to be updated for specific uses yearly  will

News: Great Southeast Book Festival 2016 — Call for Entries

I get a lot of notices for Book awards… here is one with a deadline of Feb. 14. Contact them at their url below.——Deadline submissions in each category must be received by the close of business on February 14, 2016 .——————–THE 2016 GREAT SOUTHEAST BOOK FESTIVAL – CALL FOR ENTRIES NEW ORLEANS_The 2016 Great Southeast

NEWS: Los Angeles Book Festival 2016 Call for Entry

I get a lot of notices for Book awards… here is one with a deadline of Feb. 15. Contact them at their url below.DEADLINE for entry is February 15, 2016— LOS ANGELES BOOK FESTIVAL 2016 – CALL FOR ENTRIES — LOS ANGELES (January 20, 2016) _ The 2016 Los Angeles Book Festival has issued a

Writing for Books: Back Cover and Advertisements

Learning to write engaging copy in a way that examples your quality and caring is as important as a good-hair-day. What you write about is to example how to perceive you and your content. Being sure you hit all their needs, write your copy to address answers to the most expected questions, and instill interest

Printed books are alive and doing well — Good Reader

Sounds a little scary. HOWEVER, printed books have gained!! The article presents some interesting stats… As a book designer that news makes me happy. The article states “… paperback sales have increased by 8.9% giving further credence that people are switching back to print in greater numbers than originally thought….” And that the brick and

Association of American Publishers

The first sub-head is “Adult Books Experience Growth” ….  And then it goes into Trade info and stats for Educational Materials; Professional and Scholarly Publications. Might just seem like a bunch of numbers, but in the end, they are statistics and have meaning. About AAP The Association of American Publishers (AAP) is the voice of

Amazon had an Anniversary July 15th its been 20 years!!

I know… 20 years! Strange to think that in just that short amount of time all the changes that have happened. Good and Not so good on many levels. I know it changed the way I purchase, and do business. They hit many markets: bookselling, one-click-purchasing, amazon prime, kindle/ebook creation and sales, publishing with create

The Power of Telling, not showing for book promotion

Tell the story. Each book has a special audience,  talk to them. Tell the details. Remember,  you wrote the book… go back and read it as thought for the first time and see what you find. Example in words the connection. Everyone has an emotion that gets touched that makes them pay attention. Don’t loose

Publishing a book challenges your brian… Huffington Post

Elaine Ambrose —Author, syndicated blogger, featured humor speaker, publisher, and retreat organizer knows that laughter – with wine – is the best medicine. This was a delight to read this morning… so many articles are not written with a lightness and combines publishing a book, losing weight, and finding love all in one place…! Seems

Writing Copy for your Book Sales and Promotion

Some things to consider when writing copy for your book sales and promotion. Over the years there has been lots of discussion  on whether a short sales piece with lots of white space and less copy is better or whether long and detailed one that is crowed and lots of copy is the way to

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