BEA – Book Expo America 2008 in Los Angeles

Just spent the day at the Book Expo America show (BEA). It’s big, covers two halls at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’m glad I went. I ran into lots of interesting people and learned a lot about using this type of show to promote books.

I spoke with several publishers and distributors about a book I’ve written, learned that many distributors also publish. The ones I spoke to, do expect the author to do their own public relations in the way of getting noticed etc. They also don’t ask for a total exclusive agreement either.

This show happens each year, next year 2009 it will be in New York. I know I’ll be there the whole three days…will you?

Remember, keep doing something everyday for your book and promotion.

Case Study: needs a teleseminar line that will do a pre-set broadcast.

Case Study:

Client looking for as teleseminar/ conferencing service that will allow them to pre-tape a hour-long interview and then schedule it and play instead of doing a live interview. There logic was that a live interview has lots of unnecessary chatter that they wanted to edit out and give their listeners only the “good stuff.”


Book Promotions: Why use a 3D image to represent your book…and especially your ebook…

We are motivated by our senses. With book design sight is most pronounced. We have the cover image and title… our eyes read before and at the same time our mind clicks in to comprehend the connection. The 3D book image brings your book alive and into a space of reality. There are several different styles for the 3D cover.

The spiral binding image:  usually used for a F**R-E=E ebook or just an booklet that you are offering. The spiral represents visually that the customer may need to bind the book themselves. This also says that the contents is from 1-50 pages. Continue reading

Book Cover Design: BEA and How to Use it to Help you Research Interest for Your Book

I attended BEA with two intentions. First from the view of a Book Cover & Interior Designer and the second from the view of a new Author.

I noticed myself falling back into the comfort of the first since this is known to me and the way I make a living. I found many interesting services for authors from printers to doll makers for children’s books. I also came away with good information regarding what publishers are looking for to better inform my book design clients who use my services.

I attended on the last day of the show in the hopes of being a more welcomed conversation to the booth vendors, which turned out to be a good decision and I got some free books at the end!

And the second view as author being new and Continue reading

Book Design: Beginning Tips for How to Write Your Book…

You have an idea for a book. Now What? Let’s explore what it takes to write a book. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to begin writing a book and there have been many books writen on the subject. So if my article hits home in even a little way… research what’s out there for more information and start today… following your dream!

Here are a few beginning tips to writing your book:

1. What are your strengths? Take your best strength and begin there and figure out how to get the rest done through other vendor services.

2. Pick the type of book you’ll write:

–Non-fiction: how to books, self improvement, Continue reading

Book Promotion: How to write a “live” link that helps with Promotion

Get “them” to go to your site… each time you write a post for FaceBook, Twitter or other live feed site. Each time you add your URL, you create a back-link to your site which adds to the positive aspect of your site history for search engines.

The correct way to write your link so it is ‘live’ is to be sure to use — http:// — before the www. as I’ve done above in my contact tag… this will make your domain address a live link, which means a person can click on it and they will automatically be taken to Continue reading

The Author-Entreprenuer

The current print on demand self publishing industry was built on vast numbers of hopeful people betting on the common dream of becoming a best-selling author; and some of the self publishing companies that fueled this notion skyrocketed from nowhere to being counted among the largest publishers on the planet. Ok, some of these authors were more grounded in reality, but there’s little doubt a great many were fantasizing about grabbing the brass ring.

A year ago, just about any self publishing services company website you visited was actively pitching the “dream” of becoming a published author. Hinting that perhaps you had a shot at “best seller” status and tailoring their marketing Continue reading

Book Cover Design: Do You Know How To Find Out What's On Your Audience's Mind?

You’ve got the topic you really want to write about but not sure if its relevant or if there is even interest in what excites you.

Go to the book store, see what other books have been written on it. Are any seeing the unique part you see?

Now got to the newspaper and magazine stand. What’s there that you can gather input from.

Be sure you cover all bases where your topic is being talked about and take notes, buy the publication and subscribe to the emails.

Book Design: Printing; POD Printer; POD Publisher explained.

This post is a very generalized basic and brief explanation of the following services: Printer; POD Printer; and POD Publisher.

  1. Printer: Offset; traditional presses and processes; better pricing for large quantity print runs; greater diversity of inks / metalics / fluorescents, etc., wide paper selection, design embellishments like embossing, die-cuts, etc.; wider range of size or binding options; longer turn-around to finished book.
  2. POD Printer: digital; hi-end electronic machines; usually limited paper choices and only standard color inks; no Continue reading

Amazon and Google … offer lots!

Seems that Amazon and Google offers authors so much now in the way of Marketing their books. Be sure to check out all their services. Especailly the reviewing of other books, and list making. Never know whats going to push your book over the top.

Technology Economy and Self Publishing… inching it's way to no longer being seen as "vanity" AND It's about time.

self-pub-famous2Many of you might not realize that I’m not only a graphic designer, self publishing and book/business consultant/coach. I am also a fine artist and publish books about my artwork and other artists. And many-a-time they are sneered at and labeled vanity books.

I recently came across an article about how the publishing industry is changing… yes, still! This change seems to begin as the authors Continue reading

BOOK DESIGN: Photo Research: How to do it effectively and Why this is Important.

Most of my clients come to me with an image already picked out. This can be good and not so good. The good part is that they have given some thought to the look they want for their cover. The not so good part is that the image may be too literal, misses the mark or is of poor quality, to name a few.

Sometimes this happens because the person Continue reading

Book Design and Writing: How to Research Your Subject Matter…

I know this sounds hard but think about it.
— Ask yourself why you are interested in this subject and where have you found your information to get you feeling this way. Magazines, TV, internet, social groups, book, newspapers, seminars.

— Gather all your notes from any of these Continue reading

Tip: Does your Book Cover copy and visual flow?

Some book covers try to tell you every thing you’d ever want to know about what’s inside the book. You’ll see star bursts, triangles on the corners, boxed text, copy above the title, copy below the author’s name, there’s so much going on you don’t know what to look at let alone comprehend first. Then you turn the book over to the back-cover and it’s not much better.

I suggest taking a second look at exactly what all that information is going to do. Ask if it is really necessary;

1.  will it add to the interest level of the content;
2.  will it make the reader look at the back cover;
and Continue reading

Your Manuscript…typing not like it used to be…!

When we were taught typing on a regular typewritter we were told to double space after a period “.” but with computers this might cause problems when typesetting your book with a professional designer. You see, type is programmed to allow extra space automatically after periods and if you put in two spaces then you might have more space than you need depending on the final typeface being used. I find that omitting the extra space helps the manuscript read better. However, I do suggest you keep the two spaces if an “A” begins the next sentence…it just works better! I know, so many things to remember… after the first time this happens and you have to go back and omit all the extra spaces I promise you, you won’t do it again! That is of course assuming you don’t like the extra space…some people do…it’s of course your preference! For a sample Go to:One Space vs. Two Space Sample

Whatcha gonna do with your Blog?

USE IT of course!!
Blogs/blogging is an invaluable tool for any business looking to generate attention. Remember that blogs have RSS feeds and you can follow them through a Reader. This link will introduce you to some suggestions for RSS readers. And Google Reader is a choice too.

For your own blog, get a listing on Technorati which is a good place to also search for blogs in your industry, category, sphere of interest. AND Continue reading