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Resources are a must in the world of self-publishing. Here are some I’ve gathered that offer information that will add value to the book you are writing. If you have resources you wish to share… please contact me and I’ll see about adding them to the list. —Best Success.

The book cover design, self-publishing, copyright and printing processes certainly have their moments. With the proper guidance and resources helping, it will seem easier. I’ve posted some websites below to assist with the process. They include resources for author groups and affiliations, writing assistance, printing and printers, general publishing how-to and info gathering sites. Contact me if you have any questions about vendor services.

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Self-Publishing Resources

ISBN Home Page For ISBN 

Convert 10 digit ISBN to 13 digit.

Make your own barcode

American Library Assoc

Submit to Barnes and Noble

Google Books Project – online preview and promo


epub conversions and general info  —  they have a pdf manual that is very useful


Indexing Software

Authex, CINDEX, MACREX, SKY Index, and wINDEX



Library of Congress Literary Copyright page

LOC FAQ page of questions/answers


Reference / Quotes / Dictionary

The Quotations Archive


Oxford English Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

Encarta Encyclopedia

The Encylopedia Mythica


Self Publishing Info Books

Dan Poynter Self Publishing Manual 



There are many POD and offset printers. Do an online search for POD or look locally for offset

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