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In the world today, a web presence is a must for any business that wants to be profitable. A professional website makes you look ‘real’ to your customers and is an important part of your brand. Your website has 7 seconds to make an impression.

One-on-One Training: Design, Set-up, and  Site Maintenance

All training is recorded for you to refer back to whenever you need a refresh.

Your Website is the information platform that brands you, your product, service or book to the public.

•  You know it’s important to have a website. It’s the best business tool available and a direct connection between you and your audience.

•  It presents your content, attracts attention with social media sites like twitter and facebook accounts and helps you promote your services and sell books.

You can have a site up an running in about 1 hour and from there it grows. By using WordPress, a fr*e/e-source-powerful website builder, you can create your own professional looking content rich website with simple to use software that you can and will manage yourself— at anytime, and no limit to pages or number of images posted or content created. You are in control and success is just around the corner.

Websites are your entry into today’s business world.

How to Create a Web Presence

Our conversations are recorded, we start with a standard list how to best promote your website using brick & morter and online services, create visual presentation.

I’ll supply you with an outline and list of possible vendors to use for each element as well as consult on any development of product.

I offer training for a wide variety of how to’s that you might need to know to get your business up and running on the internet building a web-presence.

— Each client comes with a unique skill-set. Each consultation is customized to your specific focus.
— Together we’ll create an outline for the recorded calls to be sure we hit your needs.


PRICING is a combination base, plus per hour depending on actual time spent and what you are looking to have done.


Consulting/Training/Website Design ($175 USD hourly) Answers your questions; determine platform and how to apply to web presence; what URL to use, etc.

Site Set Up & Training: ($675 USD based on 5 hours max; additional is $175 USD hourlyIncludes: walk through how to buy and set up your hosting account;  assist in the installation of WordPress software and basic theme; time intense themes will cost more. Design site banner using existing book cover and /or author image, logo, etc. Base training allow approximately 1 1/2 hours on back end functions. NOTE: If you want me to do the full set up, install, and creation of pages and place content the price is more. (see below)

ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE/SETUP TRAINING: ($175 USD hourly) phone conversation is recorded for how to use WordPress software and maintaining the website

AFTER the set up the software—Have ME set up your pages with content ($650 USD base price for 5 hours, plus hourly as needed beyond base hours.)  Pricing based on set up of  helpful plugins and up to 3 widgets, 5 main pages (home, about, products/sales, contact, blog), 1-6 images, and all copy content is supplied by client as MS Word file, one round of changes.

Website Training and Consulting
Pricing by the hour at $175 per hour min.
Start your website today!

Email or call me for more information CA. time, M-F, 9-5pm

Additional consulting charged for the following: 
1. choosing your platform direction
2. ftp access for uploading audio and image files to be accessed for website
3. set-up of accounts for mailing list, articles, feeds, social media such as twitter, facebook etc.
4. in-depth training on how and what to post for your website and audience
5. any training time that goes over above allotted time is charged at base rate.

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