BOOK DESIGN: Are You Using WordPress as your website software?

In our world of “having to have a website” we are now faced with the HOW? AND there is one software that has made that a very easy and do-able possibility. WordPress. Now anyone can have a site in just minutes. And if you are looking for more control of your data, be sure to set up your own hosting account to link your website URL.

WordPress offers both a community based website/blog or the option to upload the software to your own server, which gives you more control of your data. BUT, there is one specific item to really remember…

KEEP your software updated and your database backed-up! You will be notified within the program when new software versions are available. Often the updates need to be done in sequence for them to install correctly. AND always backup your data before you update the software… and if you have a busy posting schedule… be sure to backup your data often… it only takes a minute for peace of mind!

There are many how-to books out there that will help you on your way. The program is all web based and there are hundreds of theme (design) looks to choose from and plugins to enhance the use.

I realize many of you may stop yourself from getting started… I have many clients that, once I showed-them-the-way they wondered how they’d ever lived without it… the ability and availability to change their site anytime they wanted to and do it themselves, saving time and money! Wow, what a concept.

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross,  Book Designer & Coach