BOOK DESIGN: Everyone needs a Photo… Right? Headshots and other Photo Tips

Know, like and trust. This is what we build with our books, services and website. Visuals play a big part in creating this trust. And we all know we need a photo. Just how important that photo quality is depends on how you will be using it.

If you plan to use it for web use, the resolution doesn’t have to be very high, 72dpi will work fine. But anytime you plan to use a photo for print work you need to be sure the resolution is as high as you can get for best quality reproduction. Professional photographers will make your files high resolution. You’ll also need to think about the style you want them to be. Be sure to cover all looks, suit, jacket, dress, sweater, scarf, tie, accessories or not. Do a variety for best use of time and try not to do all the photos as planned poses.

If you want to take your own photos, I suggest you consider the following:

When taking shots with your own camera be sure it is at least 7 or more mega pixels and is set at the highest resolution it will go, or ask around at your local professional photo store to see if they rent hi-res, quality lens cameras, then you can plan for a day or two to shoot and the quality will be clearer and higher resolution.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you use your own photos:

  1. the camera mega pixel count and quality of lens, use a tripod for more formal still shots
  2. framing: be sure there are no unwanted items in the background
  3. lighting: be sure you can be seen clearly without hot spots or red eyes
  4. plan using different camera angles depending on where you are shooting. Use nature to help you by choosing locations with trees and flowers to add color.
  5. be sure the setting, background is in proper taste for the clothes you are wearing.

What’s important is that the photo you use represents the YOU you want to be seen as. We all wear different faces, photos, for different purposes. For social networking sites, for back of books, for Press Releases, for website, for seminar sales. Each should offer a different look building the know, like and trust aspect of your platform.

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross,  Book Designer , Coach and Consulting