Effective book marketing

Magazine, Newspaper, mailers, and Television advertising is expensive. More often than not, it’s also fruitless for most first-time authors. The return on investment for these forms of book marketing is usually dismal without a brand name or established hype to supplement it. The general exception to this, is in support of scheduled personal appearances such as book signings or speaking engagements.

Websites on the other hand, can be very inexpensive to build and maintain, and if done right can help you connect to an audience of millions. Googles Blogger and the Open Source WordPress are both free and easy to use for the novice, and offer numerous templated site designs to choose from.

A website though, regardless of how attractive or interesting it might be, is just about worthless if people can’t find it – and they won’t until the search engines start listing it and other websites begin linking to it. The Internet you’ll find, is a vast and competitive place – so you’d better do your homework and be prepared to put in a real effort if you want to get noticed!

The good news is, it isn’t all that hard…

If you do a search, you’ll notice that the web is over-flowing with tips, schemes, and secrets on how to get listed and achieve top page rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, AOL, and the lessor known engines

What works is to have a clean, fast loading and easily navigable site that’s chock full of interesting and relevant content that’s updated regularly – exchanging links with quality, relevant sites such as your own.

Create more great content for your website! The search engines love depth and the more quality material you can add really helps.