Email Marketing Tip regarding Subject line length. This Study Shows…

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You might be thinking… I’ll never be doing any email marketing… so what does it matter what I write.

Oh, well, there is a science for everything and the people over at mailermailer did a test on email response and subject length.

Here is a tip they placed and I copied from…

Tip: There’s a myth that you can’t use the word “free” in an email subject line because you’ll be filtered as spam. Don’t believe it. Free is one of the top ten words in our word cloud. And “free shipping” frequently appears in the subject line of messages from retailers. Free is a powerful word, especially in a subject line. The benefit of using it is clear, and your email won’t be filtered as spam just for including it.” (copied from

They have a lot more input on the discussion and several charts/graphs showing results. When you are developing your marketing plan giving some thought to how your emails will be read, from the long list in the inbox to later when your customers want more information…is just as important as what is said on the inside once it’s opened.

Never say never…or so it’s said. Whether you are sending out an email to one or many, the subject line is a very important part to relaying your intent. For me, I tag the subject with my client name and what is discussed in the email. That way when I look back I don’t have to go through them all looking for the information. Do you have a system for your subject lines…? Have you ever been frustrated with having to go through all the emails? Then this is something you might put on your “to do list.”

And as a final thought… consider that each and every email you send out is ‘marketing’ in some way or another and keep on your toes to being on target with your audience base.