New Book: More Alive Now by Susan Frailey

Discover new ways of choosing nutrition to unlock your inner power and vitality.

“More Alive Now: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life” is your introduction to a new mindset, a new way of life. More Alive Now is an approach to healthy, joyful living through use of innovative nutritional tools that make sense, are easy to follow, and will last a lifetime. Designed for anyone who wants to feel better.

Realize the power of pH balance, food combining, probiotic foods, and enzymes to immediately improve your health.

“Susan Frailey is the real deal. Her genuine open heart and joyful spirit was hard fought, not just wishful thinking, and she has a lot to teach us all about living life more fully.”  — Kenny Loggins

Susan Frailey, RN BSN, is a pioneer in the art of nutrition. Susan teaches, lectures, and consults about her transformational approach to health and well-being. For availability and news, visit

“More Alive Now” by Susan Frailey RN BSN
ISBN 978-0-9845195-0-7