Posting a review to Barnes & Noble

Amazon continues to dominate online book selling that’s just how it is. But not without competition… like Barnes & Noble.

Part of selling on line is about the reviews you get and post. B&N supplies clear directions / rules for posting a review to their site.  They also have a Help button and it lists the many Frequently Asked Question that come their way.

Follow these steps to begin to post your review:

1) Set up an account at the B&N website at  Click on the “My Account” in the top menu and then click on the “Create an Account” button and follow the steps indicated.

2) Once you’ve opened your account, sign in for access.

3) When you find a book you want to review click on the hyperlink to review the book

4) Fill in all the area’s available for comment such as the star rating, create your own review headline and review text, etc. and then finish by clicking on the “submit” button.

Posting reviews for other books is just one more way to help promote your own book. When you use your name and book name in your signature this helps promote you as well.