Promotion: Taking Care of your Audience with Your Blogging.

How many of you have a blog… AND use it regularly? I know this might be an old question for a lot of you and I hope you have a blog going and keep it alive… but for those of you who don’t know the value… A blog can be a win/win all around… for both you and your readers.

Your blog is the friendly introduction your clients need. The information you share is their window into who you are, your values and your way of thinking. Your possible clients will be seeing you from your mind point of view and making a decision to buy or not to buy.

Here are some  items to keep in mind when you are blogging:

  • basic content: What will you be writing about? Your book, product or service? Your thoughts and findings? Latest news on the subjects of your profession?
  • list of resources: begin gathering your own resources to follow and gather information from to blog about. Believe me, this is an indispensable part of blogging.
  • interviews and post them on your site: These interviews are great if they come from you, but remember, these can be videos of people who you feel represent a way of thinking you feel would benefit your readers. These can be written, audio or video.
  • free or fee reports and ebooks: blog about products you’ve created or ones you found your readers would benefit from. Some might have an affiliate program for you to sign up for and received a percentage of the purchase.
  • update your content regularly: this is a very important part of blogging that you might not get right away. You might feel it’s a waste of time or that you don’t have enough time. But this is a very important step in getting noticed and improving your page ranking.

There are ways to have a blog that is free… you can use them as your website or as the link to them from your site unless your site already has the blog option. Two of the more favorite ones are and

Finding the time to research your market and get info from others can help you determine the best ways to move forward. I offer consulting sessions for self publishing authors with topics of discussion on; book size, promotion, branding and marketing and answer the important questions you might have.