What Goes on the Back Cover of a Book? Please Tell Me!

Book covers are just one part of the book design process. Ask yourself, what part does the back cover play in the sale of my book? It’s said the cover design brings them in, it’s the hook….and the back cover sells them. Here is a list of what’s needed for the back cover…. and be sure to ask me about more option info once begin your project

Parts to Your Books Back Cover: Use for fiction or non-fiction…
the bullet points are mostly for non-fiction.

1. Category and price.

2. Headline

3. First paragraph

4. Sub heading and Bullet list

5. The closing paragraph

6. Author Photo and Bio

7. Testimonial

8. Signature

9. Barcode

Finding the time to research your market and get info from others can help you determine the best ways to move forward. I offer consulting sessions for self publishing authors with topics of discussion on; book size, promotion, branding and marketing and answer the important questions you might have.







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