Why it's important to be exact with your release date…

We all admire being on time… especially if “it” the event etc is important to us.
How much more important is being correct than with the release date of your book?

“tell me exactly when I’m going to get it.” so I can plan ahead… look forward to… these are VERY powerful feelings to evoke for any project being produced.

Many a company’s success has been determined by their ability to be on time. Take FedEx, their promise of delivery before 10:30 for their over-night letter. Something you can depend on. A promise. Look forward to.

We don’t want to hear, “hopefully,” or “if everything goes right…” Please tell us, show us, that you care more about our project than that.

I believe in allowing more time than you think it will take and then your audience is happy when you exceed your goals… like opening Birthday  presents before the actual date! Being more “on” with how you promote your book can make all the difference in the world.

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