Are You Worrying? Ask these questions…

Finding the knowledge that helps you cut the worry action…

Are you planning to do something that causes you to worry about the negative? Then maybe it’s time to do research before you put all your ducks in order. Put your worry action into the positive by making it move… Ask yourself these questions:”

  1. see if it’s been done before
  2. who did it and how
  3. can you model what was done
  4. what else is there for you to learn to be more sure you can accomplish it
  5. can you make a decision based on the information you’ve found
  6. is this something you should avoid and move to the next on your list
  7. if it’s not something you can avoid then all you can do is worry

The action of worry really only eats up your energy so turn it around to the positive of research.

When you are engaged in the self-publishing process you’ll run into many things you might want to worry about. I encourage you to do the research, ask the questions of ones who’ve been there, get as many different ways to see as possible so your choices will be based on information and not worry. So if you must put yourself through the worry, then make it count by being conscious of it and letting it move you to the next step of research.