Websites: How to Get and Use an API key for your WordPress site

WordPress is a great way to build your website and web-presence. They offer free software that loads to your server, plugins to extend the use and function of your site and themes that create the image you project. This is an easy and time effective way to get on-line and start your business within 1-3 hours depending on your skill level.

  • Are you using WordPress for your website?
  • Do you get lots of spam?
  • Do you wonder what your stats are?

If you are using a WordPress site theme right off the list it will function ok but they need some tweaking to make them function great. That is why there are a bunch of WordPress specific plugins and WordPress API keys.

With a WordPress API key you can track your site stats and protect your site from unwanted spam with spam catchers… to name just two ways the API key helps to improve your sites’ function. ” Services like Akismet and Stats . Be sure to keep the number safe along with all your other site user and passwords.