Book Design: Offering Your Readers Extended Value with Your Book Cover

When designing your book cover be sure you are adding come-back power in your subject.

There are 3 Questions to ask when considering what constitutes an artful book cover design?

  1. Question one: who is your audience.
  2. Question two: creating eye appeal.
  3. Question Three: extended value.  Now that we know who the audience is, what the imagery will be we can concentrate on the promise of m

What means more to your audience/niche? Does your subject have “come-back-power?” An added value to your readers is if they can continue to learn from you over time. In today’s world of technology this is a big factor to consider.

Who else out there is presenting with in the same niche as you.

  • Do you know them?
  • Have you researched their products and benefits they promise?
  • What is your promise, your extended learning and opportunity for them to succeed with your concept, book series, process or system?

Come back power can be created through offering your reader the following means of online extended value services:

1. Your Website. In today’s world brochures have been changed into websites. Business cards, for some, have also become a mini brochure. Your website front page is where you grab their attention. Tell them what your services etc. offer in addition to the book.

2. Your blog. Looked at as an extended confidence builder, blogs continue a dialogue with your customer. Continuing to supply them with valuable on-going information for your services or products. And a blog adds pages to your site that search engines like.

3. Your ezine. Filled with specialize articles geared to your subject. Breaking news stories and information all along the subject of moving your audience along for continued trust. You have the opportunity to bring in specialists for discussion sessions and promote seminars or your new book in the series.

People today are looking to build and continue a relationship with you. You show you are committed to their well-being and forward movement by offering tips, courses and more information.