Book Promotion: How to make a Membership Site part of your plan…

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I use Wishlist Member. For several reasons.

1. It’s easy to use and integrates with most mail list and payment processing services.
2. It works with WordPress software
3. It’s affordable, only $99 for a single site license
4. The back-end interface is clean and easy to follow
5. It Creates a level of participation with the people who use my site.

Anyone can have a membership site. It’s a way of creating a community spirit and passing along information you have to others. Some types of membership sites that might move you to action are:  do you have a hobby, or an interest like coin collecting; a service like floral arrangement; cooking classes; recipe exchange; specialty training and coaching and more…

Contact me with any questions. Let me know if you are interested in the option to expand your web-presence. I can set it up and train you how to use.