Book Promotions: Why use a 3D image to represent your book…and especially your ebook…

We are motivated by our senses. With book design sight is most pronounced. We have the cover image and title… our eyes read before and at the same time our mind clicks in to comprehend the connection. The 3D book image brings your book alive and into a space of reality. There are several different styles for the 3D cover.

The spiral binding image:  usually used for a F**R-E=E ebook or just an booklet that you are offering. The spiral represents visually that the customer may need to bind the book themselves. This also says that the contents is from 1-50 pages.


The next 3D book image is the 3D paperback. This is used on sales sheets, ads and on the website for the sale of the physical book and ebook download. This book is the thin representation and can be used to represent books with 1-250 pages. There is also a book with a thicker spine that is used for books with spinesizes from .75 up.

The hardcover book is also represented by the 3D image. Here are a few examples:


Remember, your customers usually only see an online or printed image of your book if they are not in a book store. By using a 3D image you are allowing the customer to feel a connection to your book before they buy.

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