Case Study: needs a teleseminar line that will do a pre-set broadcast.

Case Study:

Client looking for as teleseminar/ conferencing service that will allow them to pre-tape a hour-long interview and then schedule it and play instead of doing a live interview. There logic was that a live interview has lots of unnecessary chatter that they wanted to edit out and give their listeners only the “good stuff.”


My suggestion was I had used them for some regular live teleseminars I’ve done and I really like the ease of use their service offered. They even have a support number 24/7 Professional Customer Service Toll Free 877-482-5838

Client Response:

HI Karrie,

THANKS for taking the time to check this out!  I appreciate it.   I just called them and YOU ARE A GENIUS – it will do exactly what I need it to do!!  SWEET!

All the best,